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Vision & Mission

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“To continue the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ by providing quality and accessible health care to all”

Dr. John Scudder and his descendants have established a Medical Missionary Service in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu State, which has resulted in the establishment of the two outstanding Medical Institutions. Firstly, it is the Scudder Memorial Hospital in Ranipet, standing in the city where Dr. Silas Scudder began the medical services of the Scudder family, itself a memorial to Dr. John Scudder and his seven sons, who all became missionaries.

Secondly, it is the Christian Medical College and Hospital by Dr. Ida Scudder in Vellore. This Medical College is deemed by the Medical Profession to be one of the finest Medical Colleges in all India and Asia.

The Mission Statement

“To provide Holistic Health Care and Education to the people and to build a just and healthy community through Jesus Christ”

Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet will stand as a beacon light guiding the people of its community to the Great Physician, the Saviour of the World Lord Jesus.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

With all humility I say that a great opportunity has been given to me to lead this 150 years old Scudder Memorial Hospital, as Medical Superintendent.   At the outset, I thank the Lord for His call to me as a Chief Administrator along with my staff to serve the great cause of Public Health and to restore the hospital to its past glory.

We feel, the word “NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY HIS SPIRIT”  – Zec.4:6

Really strengthens us with His presence and wisdom to move forward in all circumstances.

With all humility, I submit to the will of the Lord to lead us forward and establish our Medical Mission as a role Model in extending our accessible medical health care to all section of society with the Love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We know that the present condition of our hospital needs the help, encouragement and support of all sections of people for the development of the Scudder Memorial Hospital.

I extremely request your prayers and fellowship to stand one with us in this noble endeavour.

God Bless you.

Yours in His Service