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History of SMH

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Scudder Memorial Hospital is providing quality healthcare for the past 150 years in and around Ranipet. The History of the hospital dates back to the middle of 19th century when Dr. Silas Downer Scudder stated the hospital in Ranipet on 17th March 1866. He was the son of Rev. Dr. John Scudder the first Medical Missionary from America to the East / India. The name and fame of the hospital spread rapidly all over Ranipet, Arcot, Wallaja and over 50 surrounding villages. The hospital grew rapidly in popularity so that the number of patients in the third year was double that in the second year. Crowd of sick and suffering people began to pour in from all towns and villages. From the start the Gospel was regularly preached and religious Tracts and Books freely distributed. The new hospital building was completed and occupied in 1928. Over the years, several committed and dedicated servants of God rendered their selfless service to this hospital and glorified our Lord’s Name.

We cater to the healthcare needs of over 65 villages around Ranipet. The treatment provided at SMH is highly subsidized and less expensive compared to the private clinics & hospitals. Most of our patients are poor and on many occasions the very poor patients are treated free of cost at SMH.

By His Grace, Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet continues to grow in every aspect of life and in its contribution to the welfare of both physically and spiritually of all the people who enter its premises. S M Hospital continues to witness His presence and to be an instrument of His healing Ministry since 1866.