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Mega Free Medical Camp & Blood Donation in Partnership with CMC & H, Vellore and Rotary Club, Ranipet was conducted on 2nd September 2013 to commomerate the birthday of Rev Dr.John Scudder.

Hospital Day was Celebrated on 3rd September 2013.

Presbyter JHONNY ALICEA BAEZ, Director of Global Mission, Reformed Church of America was the Chief Guests for the Hospital Day Function.

On that day the following sections were inaugurated.

1) 24 Hours Accident & Emergency Department by the Bishop Rt. Rev.Dr.A.RAJAVELU, CSI, VD.
2) 24 Hours Pharmacy by Rev.Dr.Y.John Baskar.

3) Prayer Hall by the Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.A.RAJAVELU, CSI, VD.

4) RO Drinking Water Plant for Patients BY Mr. Mohamed Jan, Ex Minister.

5) Scudder Institute of Allied health Science by Dr.Sunil Chandy, Director,CMCH, Vellore.

On 30th November 2013, Rev.Dr.William, Former Bishop of CSI VD hoisted the Christmas Flag and Inagurated the Newly Renovated Medical Records Department, Office of the Medical Superintendent and the Office of the Deputy Medical Superintendents.

Mega Free Medical Camp & in Partnership with CMC & H, Vellore and Rotary Club, Ranipet was conducted on 7th December 2013 to commomerate the birthday of Dr.IDA Scudder.
On 19th December 2013 Rt.Rev.Dr.A.Rajavelu, CSI Bishop in Vellore will Inagurate the newly installed Heavy Duty Laundry System after the Hospital Carol Service.

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Scudder memorial Hospital - A multi speciality mission hoispital providing quality healthcare for the past one and a half centuries.  History dates back to the middle of the 19th century when Dr. Silas Downer Scudder started this hospital in Ranipet on 17th march 1866.   He was the son of Rev. Dr. John Scudder the first medical missionary from America to the east.   After some initial opposition, the hospital sprang almost instantaneously into full and successful operation. Crowds of sick and suffering people begin to pour in from the three towns of Ranipet, Arcot and Walajah and their adjoining villages.   From the start the gospel was regularly preached and religious tracts and books freely distributed.
On March 10, 1911, the Scudder Memorial Association was formed, "That the purpose for which it is formed is to erect at Ranipet (Arcot), a hospital in order to perpetuate the missionary work begun in 1919 by the Reverend John Scudder, M.D., and carried on by his descendents".   Mrs. John Scudder of Vellore (Dr. Ida S. Scudder's mother) laid the corner stone.   The new hospital building was completed and occupied in 1928.   Over the years a number of members from the Scudder family have rendered their service in this hospital.   This includes Dr. John Scudder-II (Dr. Ida Scudder's Father), Dr. Henry Martyn Scudder  Jr., Dr. Lewis R. Scudder, Dr. Ellen Scudder, Dr. Gallen Scudder and Dr. John Scudder-III.

Currently the hospital is a 227 bedded hospital with departments of general medicine, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, dental and oral surgery, ophthalmology , dermatology, pediatrics and psychiatry. Casualty is functioning round the clock with 24 hours lab ,pharmacy,X ray and ECG.


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Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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